Rivets to Roof Trusses!
To be strictly accurate,we don’t actually make rivets (though we could source them if required) but we did make some special dome headed sleevenuts for a customer who wanted to bolt together some balustrading so that it looked like it was rivetted.Also the roof trusses we made were only 13ft span so we are not the people you are looking for if you require heavy duty structural steelwork.But we do have quite a range of capabilities that can be used in the architectural field - particularly for fixtures and fittings.See our engineering,polishing and welding pages

Door Shoes
These are used with floor mounted double acting door “springs” and consist of a steel base with a brass “strap” for the heel of the door to fit into.
They come in six widths and either brass or satin chrome finishes.
We make these for
Security Closures.


Retractable Door Top Pivots and Cover Plates(in Stainless Steel or Brass) used in conjunction with floor mounted door closers (“springs”) and door “shoes” as shown above - Also for Security Closures.